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Social media – Common Mistakes

June 29, 2010

A lot of new people coming into the social media space make errors that are preventable and avoidable.  If you want to avoid these errors, you need to think about a few things before you move into this space.

  1. Why are you doing this in the first place? Is it for a logical reason? It doesn’t matter whether you want to learn about the tools that are around or whether you want to increase your customer/client base but just understand why you are here, and what your plan is, because different end goals will require different strategies.
  2. If you are a company, create social media policies to protect your brand. You need to know that staff understand what you expect of them if they reference you in an online forum. This is not to say that they can’t refer to the company, but they need to adhere to certain guidelines and not make commerically sensitive announcements, reveal client confidentialities and so on.
  3. Ensure that any people acting on your behalf (or the company’s behalf), understand the importance of acting in a transparent manner. Ethical online behaviour is critical.
  4. Don’t defer your social media campaigns to young staff members just because they are young. Social media is a media and communications related function, and should not be handed to either the IT guys (because they know what some of these toosl are), or to the young 20 year old who just started (because she is young she must know about Facebook). No. Don’t do it. Keep it in comms.
  5. Don’t use tools if they are inappropriate to your brand. LinkedIn may work for you – Facebook may not.
  6. Answer and respond. Remember it is not just about gathering 10,000 twitter followers. This means nothing when you have a tickertape parade of tweets cascading throughyour Tweetdeck. What you are looking for is a relationship, a dialogue. To correct errors, provide info and create a channel of communication that may be of value. Its not just about lip-service.
  7. Don’t tweet marketing speak corporate messages – I don’t care and I won’t follow. Help me, engage with me. Provide me with something of value.
  8. 140 characters can backfire on you if you are a jerk. See point 4 above – remember you are in a public space and act accordingly.
  9. It’s not just about the money – although that may follow. Its about the people – your customers – and what they need or want from you. If you push sales drivel, I will unfollow, unlike or disconnect.
  10. If you aren’t in this space, you WILL become a dinosaur.  New tools are constantly coming down the line and you need to know how to use them. If you don’t learn web 2.0, how will you cope with web 3.0?

Google Wave

October 28, 2009

Got my invite to help test the beta version of Google Wave… only no one I know is using it so I have just twittered and hopefully a few people that I sent out links to will connect with me so we can figure out how it all works.

Fingers crossed!

Twits on twitter

May 16, 2009

The difficulty with all the noise out in the market right now is how to filter through the sheer volume of noise.

Twitter especially has become an incredibly noisy place over the last two or three months.

And, to a degree, I am finding it less useful. I receive more alerts from people following me who I have zero interest in following. They add nothing to my daily life – providing useless information e.g. “Feeding the cat now and thinking what’s for dinner?” or else they are trying to entice me to sign up for their e-book/SEO promotion/internet evangelist/affiliate marketing scheme.

What else do these annoying Tweeters do? They have blocked profiles or no visual image of themselves. They aren’t interested in sharing. And they don’t engage. They have 20,000 followers and are following no one. They aren’t doing it for the engagement. They are just building up database.

And I’m not interested.

Twitter spam

April 27, 2009

It’s sad. Twitter is changing. Over the last week I have been used Topify – and I really like it. Topify allows you to receive an email to your iPhone advising you of any person that is now following you on Twitter. The email gives you a short breakdown about the number of people the person is following, the number of people that are following that person. It also shows the number of tweets and the last few. You can read a short profile of the person as well.

And what have been the last dozen or so emails that I have received?  Twitterers who have been on Twitter for two days and who have 10,000 plus people they are following. And the only tweets that they make are product related. Or their profiles are blocked. Or they have made no tweets – they are just building mega-databases of names.

Engagement? This is not enagagement. This is not about a process of sharing information and gathering thoughts. This is simply about building spam databases.

And the twitter spam is starting. From bloggers saying “read my blog”. To internet entrepreneurs saying that they can make $1 million in ten days. And people offering to teach me how to get 10,000 followers in ten days. Or drive 10,000 people to my blog in one month.


Twitter. Is there really a conversation?

April 27, 2009

All the discussions about Twitter focus on the engagement that has created. Everyone keeps talking and chatting about how, now that social media is around, the focus has changed to one of engagement and debate. The flow is two-way.  Yet, after being on Twitter for almost a year, I am finding the conversation to be pretty much a one sided dialogue.

There is truly very little engagement back.  Mostly, I post. I send links out, I try to re-tweet any interesting topics and I always reply to any direct message that I receive. I ask questions. I say please. I try to answer any question that is posted that I can help with.  And after all this time? Generally, the response rate is  pretty poor. I get a better response with email.  I  get the occasional tweet from a few locals but that is about it.  I have checked all my statistics – I am a great engager/ my twitfluence is high but the thing is the conversation is not really as two way yet.

Why? Maybe because there is not as wide spread a usage here as in the US. It is still seen of as something that people are aware of – but not really inspired to use.  At this point, I have four real-life friends on twitter.

And to me, that’s not really that engaging.


March 29, 2009

Thinking of getting set up on Twitter? What should you do?

Firstly, think about why you want an account. Who do you hope to engage with and what do you want to say? If its a personal account, then keep it personal. If it’s professional, then try not to blur the lines of communication too much. The best tool that I have found after crawling around the internet for a while is TweetDeck, Its simple and a good interface. You can search by a variety of tools and set up a range of windows.

And that is all I would do – leave Twitterific, Twitseach, Twitterlicious, Twitsum etc for later. just play with TweetDeck and get a handle on that.

TweetDeck links with 12 Seconds

February 26, 2009

12 seconds screen

Spent some time playing around with a new application which links TweetDeck and 12 seconds.

Basically, what this means is that you can post a short 12 second video from Tweetdeck – the best online Twitter management tool that I have found so far. It took me a few tries to get the recording and video settings right, but once I  worked out the correct ones it seemed to record ok.

I think this could be fun – video-twittering!

So how do you do it? Easy.

Go to and set up an account. I used the same name as my Twitter account.  Then, really, just follow the instructions.

Sol Lipman, the founder of 12 seconds has a neat video which teaches you how to go step by step. My only issue was that when I initially clicked on the 12 sec bar at the top of TweetDeck, as Sol explained, what came up on my screen was nothing like what came up on Sol’s .

Nonetheless, it was all pretty intuitive, so no real hassles at all.

Twitter followers – what’s your number?

February 3, 2009


Twitter users seeem to like boasting about how high their numbers are.

“I have 40,000 followers.”

“Help me get to 5,000 followers by the end of today.”

“Retweeting. @XXX needs another 36 followers to reach 10,000 by the end of today.”

Surely this goes against the grain of what social media is all about. If social media is about interaction and engagement with other people, if it is all about the conversation and the connection, then how on earth can you have 50,000 conversation in one day?

This is a crock.

When I get a message from someone who is posting like this then my response is short and swift. I un-follow them.

I know that all these individuals want is a one-sided conversation. They are number focussed, not communication focussed.

Take a tip, and unfollow these tweeple.