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Twits on twitter

May 16, 2009

The difficulty with all the noise out in the market right now is how to filter through the sheer volume of noise.

Twitter especially has become an incredibly noisy place over the last two or three months.

And, to a degree, I am finding it less useful. I receive more alerts from people following me who I have zero interest in following. They add nothing to my daily life – providing useless information e.g. “Feeding the cat now and thinking what’s for dinner?” or else they are trying to entice me to sign up for their e-book/SEO promotion/internet evangelist/affiliate marketing scheme.

What else do these annoying Tweeters do? They have blocked profiles or no visual image of themselves. They aren’t interested in sharing. And they don’t engage. They have 20,000 followers and are following no one. They aren’t doing it for the engagement. They are just building up database.

And I’m not interested.


Twitter followers – what’s your number?

February 3, 2009


Twitter users seeem to like boasting about how high their numbers are.

“I have 40,000 followers.”

“Help me get to 5,000 followers by the end of today.”

“Retweeting. @XXX needs another 36 followers to reach 10,000 by the end of today.”

Surely this goes against the grain of what social media is all about. If social media is about interaction and engagement with other people, if it is all about the conversation and the connection, then how on earth can you have 50,000 conversation in one day?

This is a crock.

When I get a message from someone who is posting like this then my response is short and swift. I un-follow them.

I know that all these individuals want is a one-sided conversation. They are number focussed, not communication focussed.

Take a tip, and unfollow these tweeple.