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Are you open to change?

March 8, 2011

Are you open to change? Some people aren’t and no matter what you do or how you explain something, they have already made up their mind and are committed to a course of action. 

I recently was engaged by a client to do a review of a corporate brochure – a quick and easy job. Anyway, I made my suggested comments via track changes and explained why I thought these changes needed to be made e.g.  – ” You have repeated this statement in the preceding paragraph” or “You need to explain what this term means.”

The response?

Thank you but no.

They disagreed with every single comment.  And rejected every single change.  And yet they were so happy that they asked me to do more reviews.

Why? I have no idea at all.


Sponsored blogging

April 27, 2009

This whole debate that is arising about sponsored blogging is interesting. Is blogging more or less ethical if you know whether or not money has changed hands. Should you care? Do you care?

Personally, I take a lot of this stuff with a grain of salt. Those reviews on TripAdviser that say how utterly wonderful the hotel is, I query. I double-check. I Google to get more information. I check whether there are other testimonials.

And I kind of rely on my own input.

Just because something is written on the internet doesn’t mean it is gospel.

For me, it is the same as the newspaper. What is written in the newspaper is not gospel. It is more a collection of media releases, press releases, information and ideas put out to the wider world.

Some of it has been investigated, some has been copied verbatim from releases and some is simply content.

Blogging is the same. Some articles are written for the purpose of providing information. Some will be subtle advertising. Some will be blatant advertising.

It depends on whether you, the reader, is discerning.

And I am betting that you are.