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The Office Bully

June 30, 2010

In a previous job, I worked for a male boss who was, essentially, a bully. At the time, he seemed like a nice enough guy – a little insipid but nonetheless, a nice enough sort of guy.

Until I resigned.

Then it all became incredibly personal.  The question for me was how to deal with the situation.

For me, the best course of action was to report the bully to the authorities straight away. I had no idea how the situation was going to progress and the level of nastiness became very difficult to deal with. I found the government employment tribunal and detailed my concerns to them so at least I would have something in writing if the situation worsened. I also spoke to colleagues – both past and present and detailed my concerns to them to double-check if I was overreacting.  They assured me I was not.

The thing is though, if he had acted in a professional manner and not taken my resignation personally, he would have had an advocate in the market place. I was leaving because I wanted to do something else and I was not challenged.  I liked the company but I needed a more challenging position. There was nothing personal about it.

Anyway, once I resigned, the bully did some leg-work and found out the name of my new employer.  He forwarded them a copy of my previous employment contract with him and said he would sue both of us if I revealed anything inappopriate about him or his clients.

Now I don’t know about you, but I work in a professional industry. I have my own personal code of ethics and have always acted responsibly. Heck, my doctorate is in ethics! To me, him sending my employment contract out to my new boss was a complete breach of employee privacy.

And to be repeatedly bullied became enormously stressful. It initially complicated starting my new job although the new company was incredibly supportive as well as being astounded about his behaviour.  They also obtained legal advice.  The remaining account executives who worked for the bully resigned in protest as well once they saw how he treated staff and realised his management style was unacceptable.

And I just read that two more staff have left – the turnover continues and, beacuse he won’t ask himself why he has such a high turnover, the company will continue to flounder ethically and morally.

All he needs to do is take a look in the mirror.