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2011 social media predictions?

January 10, 2011

What do I think will happen in the social media space in 2011?  Hmmmm.

  1. Increasing use of mobile devices to download content and increasing awareness of this by larger corporates. A global website is no longer just the ticket. It needs to be personalised, accessible, fast to download and fit on whatever device’s screen I am using. if it won’t work on my iPad because of flash restrictions, work it out.
  2. More story telling by companies (not just B2C but also B2B) seeking to personalise their journey with their customers and create engagement and loyalty.
  3. More CEOs blogging and using twitter as part of their role as the face of the company
  4. More companies banning social media usage as part of an employee’s terms of employment (and the corresponding backlash against this as well). Why will they ban this?  Fear.
  5. A changing emphasis from push marketing – corporates pushing out marketing speak – to one where companies really ask themselves, besides delivering my product or services, what else can I offer my customers?
  6. More effort will be spent identifying influencers and monitoring online conversation.
  7. Leave your wallet at home. Your phone will become your wallet.
  8. Increased tie-in with spending and peers. You will receive more recommendations from friends on what they have purchased and these recommendations or purchases will trigger your own purchases.
  9. Reduced TV advertising spend. Why bother? I am only going to fast forward through them anyway.
  10. Better privacy settings on Facebook and a corresponding and competing growth of niche sites which will have better privacy settings.
  11. Alternatively, there will be evene more users on Facebook and better integration of social media sites through one efficient stream. You won’t need to separate social media streams. There will be better ways for you to monitor everything from one central point.
  12. Employees which have client facing roles will be encouraged to use social media to engage with customers. HR staff, Client Relationship staff and so on will learn to use these tools as part of their job.
  13. Less focus on trade sector publications as a tool for corporate promotion – these are a dying promotional tool unless they can step up and re-define themselves.
  14. Video conferencing over phones and smart tablets.  The next generation of mobile devices will encourage this.
  15. More focus on a return on engagement and less on traditional return on investment. Quantifying Facebook fans and foursquare check-ins is just too hard. All you should care about is the fact that you are engaging with those who have a desire to engage with your company.
  16. Groupon, Cudos, Spreets etc will tie in with your specific location not just your city to make suggestions and encourage purchasing decisions.
  17. Flash mob purchasing. Why not? Pushed to your mobile device. The first 100 people to sign up or purchase something get XXX.
  18. Greater acknowledgment that communication is no longer a two-way street – it’s a roundabout  – with inputs and exits and crashes. Get used to it.
  19. Increasing numbers of small businesses leveraging social media tools, and showing the big guys how it is done. Big business will throw money at these tools but small business will continue to think laterally and creatively and, as a consequence, give some of the big companies a run for their money.
  20. Increasing user-generated content – and increasing niche specialities.
  21. Embracing of location-based marketing in wider circles eg B2B. Virtual sign posting and specials.
  22. Decreasing use of email as a one-off  communication tool. Talk to me on my page ..wherever my page is located.

Hmmmm. Will think of more and add them as I can.


Adblock Plus

November 20, 2009

What a cool idea. I am going to have a play with this…and see how if affects different sites.

Flying advertising

October 29, 2009


Truly clever but not sure how the flies coped. Then again, they are flies so who cares!

Brilliant ad for the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation

October 26, 2009

Truth in advertising

March 1, 2009

Who are you and how does your identity shape your brand?

March 1, 2009

Identity is hugely important. It shapes not only the company’s ethos but also its values and, most importantly, its key messages.

Asking clients to identify how they define themelves leads to questions, and sometimes conflict, about how each level views the organisation.

As an example, a boss might see the organisation as being both creative and flexible. An employee might see it as rigid and restrictive.  And this is the dilemma when trying to craft a PR message.

A recent meeting with a cleint illustarted this – they saw themeleves as being friendly and acessible. Their customers saw them as being skilled and strategic.

Which message to sell? Which identity is the correct identity? And how do you sell multiple messages?

Truth in advertising

February 1, 2009

Social Media and E-commerce … merged!

December 11, 2008

Amazon and Facebook integrate

One of the cleverest visual illustrations of how social media and e-commerce can be integrated. It gives a really good picture of the next stage as far as integration is concerned in a way that is really simple to understand. Well done!