Doing it the hard way

July 6, 2009

Life is one of those things that people sometimes seem to slip along at. They coast for a few years. Do what is expected of them. Then coast along for a few more. They get used to not seeing their life. The lounge that needs replacing. That overweight pot belly. They simply aren’t seen anymore. Even their job becomes easy. They know the way things work, how everything operates and the procedures that they have to follow.  There aren’t really a lot of surprises in life.  And there isn’t really a lot of challenge or excitement in their life.

This I can’t imagine.

I have moved more times that I can count. Lived in countries where I can’t speak the language. Reinvented my career – from TV  commentator, to political advisor, to writer, to academic. Each reincarnation teaches me something and helps define what the next stage of my life will be and what I hope to get out of it.

I can’t imagine living in the same place for ever. Or knowing that I will do the same job for my entire career.

And I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

It is just my thing.

In some ways though I think that this way is the hard way. You never really get a sense of history with people as you move on again before that history has a chance to develop. You never really put down roots because you are on the road again before they take hold. You become a great generalist rather than a specialist.

And now we are about to do it again.
Once again I can’t imagine my life, how it will look, what shape it will take.

It is the hard way but it is also the invigorating way. I will learn new things during this process. gain new skills. Find new strengths. make new friends.

Wish me luck!

My Way!

My Way!


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