July 6, 2009

It is interesting how people cope with change. Right now everything in my life is in flux. The country that I will live in, where I will work, what I will do to earn an income, how my life will look.

And when I talk to people about this upheaval, the comments range from envy through to admiration. Very, very few people do not see this total change as invigorating, uplifting, redefining.
But they are seeing it through my eyes. I wonder how they would cope when it is their world that is being tossed around and reconfigured. Whether they would cope as easily as we are.

I think the fact that we have moved repeatedly means that we are better able to cope with change. Our eyes are open to possibility and options. For many others though the great unknown is so be truly feared.

Let’s see where we are and how we are in two months.  An extended trip via India, Manila, Hong Kong, Singapore etc will provide ample opportunity to think about the next stage and what that next stage will look like.

Apparently the Chines word for crisis and opportunity are the same.

Let’s hope so.


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