Social media exhaustion

March 29, 2009

Part of the problem with social media is the effort required to comment, engage, write, blog and twit.

It’s never ending and, at times, it is more compelling to pick up a book and curl up on the sofa.

Flickr was my original compulsion. Living in a foreign country without many friends, I used my time to take nearly 20,000 photos. I taught myself photography via my Flickr buddies. I uploaded my photos, commented and engaged with others and formed great friendships, online.  I looked forward to my friends’ comments and I checked their sites for new images and gave feedback, comments and encouragement.

Then I toook a hiatus for a year whilst I threw myself back into the workforce and finished a book.

Flickr languished.

Then blogging was a passion. I wrote a number of blogs – enough to compete two books – one on life in Hong Kong and one on life in the Channel Islands.

Now? Now it is about the implications for work. What I can do, use or create to help my clients. To help them get their message out.  Each post is an experiment in SEO.

In engagement and in Goggle.

How about you? Are you exhausted yet?


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