March 29, 2009

Just heard of a new application being developed by the co-founder of Flickr.  Apparently it is based on decision-trees and helps people to reach a decision based on the answers that are given to a series of questions.

It sounds like something my son and I have engaged in.  As a young boy, he tended to focus more on immediate gratification rather than thinking about the consequences of his actions.

“Cool. A swimming pool. I think I’ll jump in.”

“Cool. A naught boy at school. I think I’ll stand beside him and see what he does.”

I couldn’t work out how to teach him the way that adults think compared to children so we sat down with a sheet of cardboard and I plotted out the next three steps of each action.

If you do this, then this could happen and then this might occur.

It made it very visual and very clear and, at school, when the teacher asked him a question his repsonse was to say:

“I need to draw a decision-tree before i give you that answer!”

Classic. Now if only I had a hunch at the time to make that into an app I’d be laughing.

I never had that hunch.


One Response to “Hunch”

  1. jhoney Says:

    Interesting Read! Very detailed blog.
    Thanks for sharing

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