Transitions in periods of federalism

January 30, 2009

Part of the gig of being a trailing spouse, is that I have parallel careers. Academic, communicator, commentator. And, as part of keeping the academic part alive, I have just written another book – this time one on transitions in periods of federalism in Australia since 1901- from coordinate to co-operative, from co-operative to coercive, from coercive to organic.

I don’t think it will ever be a best-seller but I like the intellectual pursuit.


2 Responses to “Transitions in periods of federalism”

  1. euandus Says:

    I suspect that the latest compromise regarding state banking regulation in the midst of pressure for financial reform in Washington points to the influence of large corporations on the Congress as a culprit in the on-going eclipse of federalism. Pls see my blog if interested. Thanks.

    • drolsson Says:

      Thanks Euandus but my area of interest is Australian politics as opposed to US politics. There are some interesting developments overseas but part of the intellectual exercise involved narrowing down to a field of speciality. Mine was changes in periods of federalism in Australia. This was the basis for my Master degree: what promoted the change from one period to another; whether there are definable periods and what future periods may develop.

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