Dont talk the talk, if you won’t walk the walk…

January 26, 2009

I am surprised by clients who want one thing, then expect something else.

They want a greater online presence but don’t want me to engage online with anyone – especially with someone they don’t know.

“Who is this person?”

They want media coverage, but decline all media opportunities because they are too busy right now.

“Maybe later!”

They want to embrace social media and new opportunities but they can’t use email.

They are looking for new markets, more customers, new ranges but reject all new ideas.

“Yeah but no.”

I am not sure what is holding them back but one thing I do know, is that it is incredibly frustrating.

And I am not sure whether I need to approach things differently, or they do. Is my role to educate and convince them – or is it their role to look outside of their own box?

I have been trying to not only sell  media opportunities to clients, but also to sell clients to the benefits of PR. I am selling clients to new media, clients to social media, clients to advertising, clients to websites, clients to networking, clients to podcasting, clients to ebooks, clients to social networking, clients to socializing, clients to enagement and clients to every other possible idea, company or oportunity that I can think of to promote their company online and offline.

It’s exhausting.


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