Failure to brief

January 15, 2009

Part of the problem about working in PR is the sorry fact that many clients think that you know all there is to know about their business after an initial briefing.  They don’t realise that the more detailed and clear the information that they provide , the better the quality of their PR and the more effective the results.

Recently, I had a client ask me to write up a series of  media releases and then get offended when I queried the acronyms that they used.

Just because a client understands and uses terminology does not mean that the general public will understand these terms.  And when you compound this with technical data you are asking for trouble.

Part of any PR professional’s mandate is to simplify things – not to complicate them – and if a client can’t explain adequately what they want in a media release and doesn’t appreciate being questioned then you know damn well that putting them in front of the media will be a mistake.
And probably an expensive one at that.


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